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    *** Important Announcements :
    --The fire on 2023 Christmas Day destroyed our building at 4600 El Camino Real. Books and Me Library lost everything, our books and media collections, the entire art studio, and the award winning student artworks and work in progress. Fortunately, there was no one got hurt.
    Currently, our Winter/Spring 2024 Art and Abacus classes is ongoing in Palo Alto's the Emerson School (2800 W. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto) which also has a Mandarin Immersion program. Art Classes will continue in Emerson School for the following semesters. We are still evaluating how to reestablish full library service. A temporary library is set up now and provide lending services and story time inside Emerson school as well. Please email us when you come to visit our library. If you want to make a donation to support Books and Me Library, please fill the Donation Form and use the PayPal donation link to make a donation. We are a California registered 501(c)3 non profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

    --Starting this June (2024), all our class teachers will operate their own classes independently from the Zhaoyu Cultural Foundation. Each teacher has received full support and guidance from Zhaoyu's administration to transition the operations and will continue to provide classes with the same curriculum and instructional style! This summer, only art classes will be offered.
    ~~ "Art With Yuming"
    Teacher Yuming will run her popular art classes with the same registration method, instructional style, teaching in Mandarin , and advanced students' artwork exhibits. Summer Art classes will start on 6/1/2024! See class information below or check out Teacher Yuming's website: www.artwithyuming.com

    Summer 2024 Art class will offer three groups and taught in mainly Mandarin:
    * WA62/63/62-63P (4-7 year olds): Saturdays, 11:00am-12:00
    * WA51/61/64 (8-11 year olds): Saturdays, 12:15-1:45
    (The above two group can be registered by month)
    * WAADV (12+, invitation only): Saturdays, 2:00-4:00

  • Books and Me Children's Chinese Library, founded in 2005 by the Zhaoyu Cultural Foundation, is the first children's Chinese library in Northern California. Our library aggregates more than 7000 titles of Chinese books (more than 10,000 books), in simplified and traditional characters, and audio/visual media for children between 0 and 12 year-olds. We also provide free weekly story times and periodical cultural activities to members.
  • Basic membership allows members to check out up to 8 books for free! You may make a donation to become a VIP member with more benefits. To apply for Free Basic Membership, please click here.

  • * Please refer to the Library Operating Hours chart on the right for drop in or appointments.
    * To ensure our children and staff's health, we ask visitors who have a cold or flu not to visit until the symptoms go away.

  • ***2024 Summer Art Class Registration Starts NOW, please check Teacher Yuming's website: www.artwithyuming.com.

    To register 2024 Spring classes:
    1. Read the description of classes below and review detail information on each class flyer to choose the right group.
    2. Read Terms and Conditions of Class Registration .
    3. Fill out Winter/Spring 2024 Class Registration Form .
    4. You will receive a PayPal invoice within 2 business days for payment.
    5. Registration is not completed until you make the payment.

  • Winter/Spring 2024 Cantonese for Young Children

    Save the Cantonese language. The class is instructed by professional teacher who is also a native Cantonese speaker. Class meets on Saturday mornings. Two online groups and one in person group for beginners.

    Online groups:
    CT62V (7-12 year olds): 9:00-9:50, for advance students.
    CT61V (5-8 year olds): 10:00-10:50, accept beginners with some Cantonese conversation skills.

    In Person group: *** Temporarily holding online due to the fire. ***
    CT60 (4-8 year-olds): 12:15-1:00pm, for beginners with basic Cantonese listening skills.

    Session A: 1/13-3/16, no class 2/10, 2/17.
    Session B: 3/23-5/25, no class 4/6.

  • Winter/Spring 2024 Abacus and Mental Math Class

    Plan to improve your child's math skills and learn to focus in the new school year? Come join the effective Elementary Abacus class. Our students, age 5 and above, won medals at regional competition! In the weekly class, they learn clear place values and number sense, and improve computation speed by special Abacus technics. Build solid foundation in math and gain confidence in the future class!

    Tuesday Online Group:
    ABA22V: 4:30-5:30
    ABA23V: 5:30-6:30
    ABA24V: 6:30-7:30, by invitation only.

    Tuesday Class Dates:
    Session A: 1/16-3/19, no class 2/13, 2/20.
    Session B: 3/26-5/28, no class 4/2.

    Saturday In-Person Beginner's Group:
    ABA60: 2:30-3:15 pm

    Saturday Online Groups:
    ABA62V: 3:30-4:30
    ABA63V: 4:30-5:30

    Saturday Class Dates:
    Session A: 1/13-3/16, no class 2/10, 2/17.
    Session B: 3/23-5/25, no class 4/6.

  • Winter/Spring 2024 Wonderful Art Class

    Professional art teacher will lead your children to try various art media (sketch, watercolor, charcoal, acrylic....) and improve their drawing and painting skills. Children move through levels based on age and skill development.

    Please refer to the flyer for themes of each session.

    Please choose groups by age:

    Saturday In Person Groups:
    WA61(9-11 year olds): 9:15-10:30am, 75 min.
    WA62(4-5 year olds): 10:45-11:30am, 45 min.
    WA63(6-8 year olds): 11:45am-12:45pm, 60 min.
    WA62/63P(4-7 year olds): 1:00-1:45pm, 45 min.
    WA64(8-10 year olds): 2:30-3:30pm, 60 min.
    WA65(11+ year olds): 3:45-5:15pm, 90 min.

    Saturday Groups Class Dates:
    Session A: 1/13-3/16, no class 2/10, 2/17.
    Session B: 3/23-5/25, no class 4/6, 5/11.

    Friday In Person Group:
    WA51(8-10 year olds): 4:45-5:45pm, 60 min.

    Friday Group Class Dates:
    Session A: 1/12-3/15, no class 2/9, 2/16.
    Session B: 3/22-5/24, no class 4/5, 5/10.

    High School Art Portfolio Group (in person): WAPRO(by invitation only): Saturday, 5:15-7:15pm, 120 min.

  • Winter/Spring 2024 Mandarin Music Circle Time with Movement

    *** Temporarily cancelled due to the fire! ***

    Specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers who are accumulating Mandarin language terms. One theme per week introducing frequently used Mandarin terminology, e.g. colors, numbers, families, .... Weekly songs related to the theme reinforce the learning of little ones. The class also includes the very popular listening game and movement activities led by professional teacher.

    MCTM61(20 months to 4 year olds): Saturdays, 11:00-11:35 am.

    Session A: 1/13-3/16, no class 2/10, 2/17.
    Session B: 3/23-5/25, no class 4/6.

  • For further question regarding Winter/Spring 2024 Classes, please email librarian@zhaoyu.org.

  • Books & Me Children's Chinese Library is open to MEMBERS only.

    Membership is free. You will need a Books and Me Library Card to use the facility and check out library items. Please read our library policy carefully.

    **To apply for a library card , please use this link: to apply online and email a proof of California Residency to librarian@zhaoyu.org to complete the application and need to pick up the library card later in person

    **VIP Membership: Make a donation (min. $40/year) every year to receive borrowing privilege and priority in class registration; and help Books and Me Library provide better service to our community. Please fill out the form here . or email us at librarian@zhaoyu.org for details.

    **All check-out procedures have to be completed 15 minutes before closing time. It will be greatly appreciated if you can reserve enough time to browse and borrow our library materials when visiting the library.

    **Due to our members' generosity, limited space, and the pandemic, we CANNOT accept any donation of books and Audio/Visual materials (CDs, VCDs, VHS, or cassette tapes) until further notice. We really appreciate your support to Books and Me Library


  • Free Saturday In-Person Mandarin Story Time is ON : 11:30-Noon.
    We now moved to Emerson School in Palo Alto and resumes the story time.

    Children's stories told in Mandarin, free for children 3-10 year-old of members. No need to sign up for regular story time.

  • Library Operating Hours: Due to Fire on 12/25, Books and Me Library has moved to Emerson School in Palo Alto. All classes are being held as scheduled. Please contact us if you would like egister for Summer classes!
    Books and Me Library At Emerson School in Palo Alto Saturdays
    10:00am - 2:00pm
    closed on 5/11,
    Or Appointments Only
4600 El Camino Real, Suite 205
Los Altos, CA 94022
Tel: 650-941-4379 ,   Email: librarian@zhaoyu.org

  • Books and Me has thousands of books and audio/visual materials for children, in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Topics cover natural sciences, history, culture, education, parenting and more.

  • To renew library items, please email to librarian@zhaoyu.org. You only can renew once per item.

  • Library Theme - Mother's Day
    Suggested Reading List (Chinese editions):

    Book: A Gift For Mom
    Written by: Anne Gutman
    Lisa painted a lot of her love into a plate she was making for mother's day present. But it turned out soft and flat, not anything like her beautiful creation. So she and Gaspard went out to buy a plate when another disaster ensued. Lisa and Gaspard are two little dogs living in Paris. They are best friends who go on all kinds of adventure. The color contrasts and simple illustrations make Lisa and Gaspard a welcome story time reading. Traditional Chinese, suitable for children over 3 years old. Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, suitable for children over four years old.

    Book: The Little White Hen
    Written by: Bernard Baune
    Little hen Blanche and her chicks are taking a walk in the forest. Nearby are the fox, the big bad wolf, and the grizzly bear. Blanche has to use her wits to protect her chicks from these predators. First, she tells the big bad wolf that the fox is coming to eat the chicks. Then, she tells the grizzly bear that both the fox and the wolf are planning to eat the chicks. So, the three of them start to fight...; a story of using intelligence to triumph, also showing how a mother, in order to protect her children, does not back down even when facing overwhelming odds. Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, suitable for children over four years old.

  • Volunteers:
    The success of Books & Me depends on your involvement. We are looking for volunteers in many fields. Please write to hr@zhaoyu.org if you are interested in lending a hand.
    • Library Assistant/Admin
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Storyteller/Activity Teacher
    • Activity Organizer
    • Web Engineer
    • Representives from Chinese schools
    • Book Carriers
  • Equipment:
    Your junk can be a treasure for us. Please contact gift@zhaoyu.org for equipment donations.
    • Chinese children's audio CDs with or without books
    • Chinese children's videos
    • A flat screen computer monitor 19" or larger
    • A Computer projector SVGA resolution or better
    • A Projector screen

      Due to space constrain, we do not accept English books, books for adults (except parenting books), and homework practice type of books. We also do not accept toys and craft items unless specified on the website.
  • Donations:
    Public support is essential to the success of the Library. Your donation to Books & Me through the Zhaoyu Cultural Foundation is tax deductible. A small donation can help us bring more books and better service to your children and the community. For more information, please click here, or contact us at: gift@zhaoyu.org.

The Zhaoyu Cultural Foundation (ZCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of California. Our mission is to promote multi-lingual mastery of Chinese language, culture and identity among overseas Chinese children in North America.

The Books & Me Children's Chinese Library is our first community service. For information about the Foundation and our future plans, please click links below:

  • We also want to thank the following volunteers for their extraordinary work to make the library launch smoothly:

    • Gina Ng
    • Sheena Chin
    • Jenny Huang
    • Sharon Wang
    • Sharon Chiu
    • Chia-Chun Wu
    • Aaron Chum
    • Samantha Chang

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