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  • Books and Me Library Special Announcement:

    Please Note:
    **All check-out procedures have to be completed 15 minutes before
    closing time.
    **When you have library items to return, please return to our librarians FIRST before searching more items to check out.
    **It will be greatly appreciated if you can reserve enough time to browse and borrow our library materials when visiting the library.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation!!

    **If you would like to upgrade to VIP members, please contact our librarians through email at librarian@zhaoyu.org or call us for details such as updated VIP membership fee ($30.00) and benefits.

  • 2015 Spring Classes start registration!

    Please carefully read each class introduction by clicking on the hyperlink, then download the 2015 Spring Class Registration Form. Read through the terms and conditions and fill out the information and bring the form and your payment to Books and Me Library in person to register for classes. All classes are open only to our members, and require parent participation or accompany.

    Most classes are taught mainly in Mandarin, but all teachers are bilingual. Class sizes are small and filled out soon. Some popular classes sold out in one week, so register now to get your spot!

  • 2015 Spring Classes Introduction:

  • Wonderful Art Spring 2015:

    Teacher Yuming Tseng will offer three sessions in the Spring! Session 1, "Surreal painting" starting on 1/10; session 2 "Sea World" starting on 3/7; session 3 "Flowers" starting on 4/18.

    Five groups to choose from, please choose according to the age:

    Age 7+ group (WA61): 9:30-10:30 (1 hour class)
    Age 4-5 group (WA62): 10:45-11:30.
    Age 5+ group (WA63): 11:45-12:30.
    Age 6+ group (WA64): 12:45-1:30.
    Advanced Group (WA65): 4:00-5:30 (1.5 hours class); students must be qualified by the teacher.

  • 2015 Spring Abacus Class

    Thursday (ABA4): 3:40-4:40, starting on 1/15, accepts new students.

    Saturday (ABA61): 2:00-3:00, starting on 1/10, accepts new students.
    Saturday (ABA62): 3:00-4:00, starting on 1/10.

    Tuesday (ABA21): 3:30-4:30, starting on 1/6, accepts new students.
    Tuesday (ABA22): starting on 1/6.
    Tuesday (ABA23): 5:30-6:30, starting on 1/6, accepts new students.
    Tuesday (ABA24): 6:30-7:30, starting on 1/6, accepts new students.

    Best Way to learn Math and explore Math for beginners! In this weekly class, kids learn clear concept of numbers and place value as well as faster computation through the help of abacus beads. Class is designed for 5-8 years old first-time learners of Abacus.

  • 2015 Spring Preschool Chinese Class

    Monday Session (PC11): 10:10-11:00, starting on 1/12.
    Saturday session (PC61): 12:10-1:00, starting on 1/10.
    Saturday session (PC62): 1:05-1:55, starting on 1/10.

    All NEW curriculum and teaching method for your 3-6 years old! Learn to recognize characters between songs, rhymes, games, and stories! Class meets once every week. 100% Mandarin Immersion. Parent accompany required.

  • "Let's Sing Chinese" Music Circle Time

    Wednesday session (MCT31): 9:30-10:15, starts on 1/14!

    Saturday session (MCT62): 10:30-11:15, starts on 1/24!.

    Specially designed for 18 months to 42 months old, this class integrates singing, instrument playing, movement, music appreciation, and Chinese learning into one fun-packed lesson!

    A new topic every week covering basic concepts and Chinese terms. Great beginning Mandarin immersion experience for toddlers. Parent/Guardian participation required!

  • 2015 Piano Preparation Group Class

    A great beginning keyboard class for the first time learners aged 5-6 years old! Professional piano teacher, Ms. Lilian Chen will lead your kids to learn age-appropriate piano technique, basic singing, ear, and rhythm training, fundamental music theory, and individual and group performance training.

    Three levels per year. After the three levels, your kids will be ready for piano or violin private lessons. Each student will have a keyboard in the class to play. Very small class size - only 6 seats per class, so each student gets individual attention!

    Class meets from 4:15-5:10 on Saturday afternoon. ***Parent participation required.***

    Piano Private Lessons are also available with Ms. Lillian Chen, right at Books and Me Library. Email librarian@zhaoyu.org for details.

  • Sign-up for the Books & Me Mailing List and be notified of events and schedule changes.

  • Books & Me Children's Chinese Library is open to members only.
    Membership is free. You will need a Books and Me Library Card to use the facility and borrow books. Please bring your ID and apply for a library card at Books and Me.

  • Baby/Toddler Story Time
    Wednesday morning from 10:30-11:00am
    This event is suitable for babies and toddlers aged 6 month to 3 year-old, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Space limited to 20 babies.
    Due to limited space, this event is for library VIP members only! Online reservation is required. We apologize that your child will NOT be able to join the story time if you do not sign up even if you are a VIP member. Please Click here to sign up.

  • Saturday Story Time
    11:30 am to 12:00 on Saturdays for children 3 year-old and older.
    All members are welcomed to sign up to join us. Please click here to sign up.

  • Library Operating Hours:
    Mon 10am-3pm
    Tue 10am-3pm
    Wed 10am-3pm
    Thu 10am-3pm
    Fri 11am-3pm
    Sat 10am-5pm
    Sun closed
4600 El Camino Real, Suite 205
Los Altos, CA 94022
Tel: 650-941-4379 ,   Email: librarian@zhaoyu.org

  • Books and Me has thousands of books and audio/visual materials for children, in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Topics cover natural sciences, history, culture, education, parenting and more.

  • To renew library items, please email to librarian@zhaoyu.org. You only can renew once per item.

  • Library Theme -Self Recognition

    Suggested Reading List (Chinese editions):

    Book:The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
    Written by: Jon Scieszka

    We know the story of "The Three Little Pigs", but do you know that the wolf is really innocent? Here is the "real" story of the three little pigs, however, from the wolf's perspective. This poor wolf who is with a sneezy cold just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a good way to get kids to start thinking about the possibility that there is more than one "side" to a story. This book is great fun to read, and the art contains amazing little extras that add another layer to the humor. Traditional Chinese with Zhu-Yin. Ages 6-up.

    Book:The Lamb and the Butterfly
    Written by:Arnold Sundgaard
    Little lamb is excited to meet a butterfly in the middle of his meadow one day. He has so many questions to ask the butterfly about where he is from and why he flutters. But the little lamb has a hard time understanding the free spirited butterfly. Then the lamb begs the butterfly to never leave, but the butterfly doesn't listen. Finally after being caught in a storm together the little lamb begins to understand why the butterfly can't stay with him. Parents will love the message about accepting others for who they are and understanding that everyone is different or might have different needs. Bright, cheerful illustrations help tell the story. Children will love the bold brush strokes and large images. Traditional Chinese with Zhu-Yin. Ages 4-up.

  • Volunteers:
    The success of Books & Me depends on your involvement. We are looking for volunteers in many fields. Please write to hr@zhaoyu.org if you are interested in lending a hand.
    • Library Assistant/Admin
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Storyteller/Activity Teacher
    • Activity Organizer
    • Web Engineer
    • Representives from Chinese schools
    • Book Carriers
  • Equipment:
    Your junk can be a treasure for us. Please contact gift@zhaoyu.org for equipment donations.
    • Chinese children's audio CDs with or without books
    • Chinese children's videos
    • A flat screen computer monitor 19" or larger
    • A Computer projector SVGA resolution or better
    • A Projector screen

      Due to space constrain, we do not accept English books, books for adults (except parenting books), and homework practice type of books. We also do not accept toys and craft items unless specified on the website.
  • Donations:
    Public support is essential to the success of the Library. Your donation to Books & Me through the Zhaoyu Cultural Foundation is tax deductible. A small donation can help us bring more books and better service to your children and the community. For more information, please click here, or contact us at: gift@zhaoyu.org.

The Zhaoyu Cultural Foundation (ZCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of California. Our mission is to promote multi-lingual mastery of Chinese language, culture and identity among overseas Chinese children in North America.

The Books & Me Children's Chinese Library is our first community service. For information about the Foundation and our future plans, please click links below:

  • We also want to thank the following volunteers for their extraordinary work to make the library launch smoothly:

    • Gina Ng
    • Sheena Chin
    • Jenny Huang
    • Sharon Wang
    • Sharon Chiu
    • Chia-Chun Wu
    • Aaron Chum
    • Samantha Chang

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