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語言:繁體字; 注音符號
頁數:40 p.
尺寸:26.0 cm x 19.0 cm
Local Call No.:390 M35 v.21


Long ago in a small village, Uncle Wang took in a little homeless girl-XiaoCui, and the two depended on each other. XiaoCui was diligent and kind, and loved small animals. Everyone laughed at her and said that Uncle Wang's adopted daughter was "the mouse's daughter", because Xiaocui not only played with the mice, but also put leftovers in a bowl for the mice to eat. XiaoCui grew up and was ready to get married. Although Uncle Wang’s family was poor, on the day of XiaoCui’s wedding day, Uncle Wang put out a lot of dowry and XiaoCui got married happily. In real life, mice always scare people, but mice appeared in fairy tales and even Taiwanese folk tales and customs a lot. This set of "Chinese Folklore Festival Stories" is a set of twenty-five books which includes traditional folk tales and festival legends. Adults and children can enjoy the stories and appreciate the beautiful prints and paper art in each book. Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, suitable for children over four years old.

  • 龍燈 (Z000047)
  • 天燈照平安 (Z000048)
  • 元宵姑娘 (Z000049)
  • 媽祖林默娘 (Z000050)
  • 寒食與清明 (Z000051)
  • 流浪詩人 (Z000052)
  • 白蛇傳奇 (Z000053)
  • 鍾馗捉鬼 (Z000054)
  • 投江尋父 (Z000055)
  • 牛郎織女 (Z000056)
  • 巧姑娘的鵲橋 (Z000057)
  • 目連救母 (Z000058)
  • 小鎮的搶孤手 (Z000059)
  • 霓裳羽衣曲 (Z000060)
  • 吳剛砍桂樹 (Z000061)
  • 月餅裡的秘密 (Z000062)
  • 嫦娥奔月 (Z000063)
  • 費長房學仙 (Z000064)
  • 糯米山果子 (Z000065)
  • 灶王爺 (Z000066)
  • 火頭僧阿二 (Z000068)
  • 將軍站門 (Z000069)
  • 年獸阿儺 (Z000070)
  • 老鼠娶新娘 (Z000071)

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