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語言:繁體字; 注音符號
作者:Sandol Stoddard Warburg
繪者:Jacqueline Chwast
頁數:60 p.
尺寸:15.7 cm x 14.6 cm
Local Call No.:155 W37


我喜歡你,因為你是一個逗人喜歡的好人;我喜歡你,因為當我告訴你一件特別的事,你就知道它是特別的,而且,你會記得很久很久;我喜歡你,不知道是為什麼,但是,有你在總是比較好;一本小小的書,寫滿了兩個好朋友之間喜歡的理由, 好像不怎麼聰明的理由、感動的理由、甚至,不是理由的理由,因為,我就是喜歡你;喜歡,本來就是簡單的事,作者把「喜歡」這份感覺完整的詮釋出來,大小讀者都能融入人與人之間相互喜歡,那種溫暖真摯的愉悅情境,書後並附有英文原文,繁體字,注音,適合四歲以上的小朋友。
English Title: I Like You I like you because you are a cute and good person; I like you because when I tell you something special, you know it is special, and you will remember it for a long, long time; I like you, not knowing why, but it’s always better to have you there. This is a small book full of reasons that two good friends like each other. It seems that it’s not a very smart reason, not a touching reason, or not even a reason. The reason is because I just like you. To like is simple. The author fully interprets the feeling of "like" and the readers of all ages can feel the warm and sincere love between people. The original English version is attached to the back of the book. Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, suitable for children over four years old.

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