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語言:繁體字; 注音符號
作者:Brabara Cooney Porter
繪者:Brabara Cooney Porter
頁數:30 p.
尺寸:21.0 cm x 25.5 cm
Local Call No.:155 P67mi


小女孩跟爺爺說,她長大以後,她要學爺爺兩件事,一件是到各地旅行,另一件就是住在海邊的房子裡。爺爺對小女孩說,還有第三件事,那就是能做一件讓這個世界變得更美麗的事。小女孩長大 後旅行過很多地方,最後在海邊的一座小屋住下,她想起答應爺爺的第三件事,於是她買了魯冰花種子,一邊散步,一邊把種子灑在每一個角落,第二年春天,整個小鎮都開滿了美麗的魯冰花。本書提供了一個很好的典範,讓小朋友體會到,原來為別人服務是一件美好的事,貢獻自己小小的一份力量,不但造福別人,也完成了自我的追尋。繁體字,注音,適合五歲以上的小朋友。
English Title: The Lupine Lady A little girl told her grandpa that when she grows up, she will learn two things from grandpa. One is to travel around and the other is to live in a house by the sea. Grandpa said to the little girl, there is a third thing, and that is to do something to make this world more beautiful. When the little girl grew up, she traveled many places, and finally settled in a hut by the sea. She remembered the third thing she promised her grandfather, so she bought Lupine flower seeds and sprinkled the seeds on every corner while walking. The next spring, the whole town is full of beautiful Lupine flowers. This book provides a good example for children to realize that serving others is a beautiful thing. Contributing your small strength not only will benefit others, but also complete the pursuit of yourself. Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, suitable for children over five years old.

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