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語言:繁體字; 注音符號
作者:Patricia Polacco
繪者:Patricia Polacco
譯者:幸蔓 譯
頁數:31 p.
尺寸:28.4 cm x 21.8 cm
Local Call No.:133 P63ba


根據古俄羅斯傳說,「芭芭雅嘎」是個吃小孩的邪惡怪物,但本書的「芭芭雅嘎」只是個身居森林深處的寂寞老婦人,想要成為一個慈祥的奶奶,有一個孫子陪伴在身旁,因此,她喬裝成平凡的老太太,走進村子裡,當起了小男孩-維克的保母;她就像一個真正的奶奶一樣愛著維克,維克也深愛著她;故事裡的巫婆,大多是神祕又邪惡,但是本書引導孩子思考,要以「心」來識人和待人,不要光憑傳說和猜測去評斷一個人,正如書中這一段話「那些光憑眼睛耳朵就評斷别人,卻不用心去體會的人,可真是愚蠢啊!」繁體字,注音,適合四歲以上的小朋友。 **English Title: "Babushka Babayaka"** The witch "Baba Yaga" in this book is just a lonely old woman who lives deep in the forest. She wants to be a kind grandma and to have a grandson to keep her company. So she disguised herself as an ordinary old lady, walked into the village, and became the little boy-Vic’s nanny. She loved Vic like a real grandma, and Vic loved her deeply. Most of the witches are described as mysterious and evil, but this book guides children to think, to learn to treat people with the "heart", not to judge a person based on legends and speculations. As this passage in the book, "Those who judge others by their eye and ears only, but not with their heart, are really stupid!" Traditional Chinese, Zhuyin, suitable for children 4 years and older.

  • 巫婆就是這樣的 (Z000001)
  • 巫婆的掃把 (Z000003)
  • 巫婆薇吉兒 (Z000004)
  • 聖塔菲的巫婆 (Z000005)

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