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親子書坊成功的關鍵在於大眾的支持. 您可以用各種不同的方式支持我們, 志願義工, 捐款或捐贈器材. 您的共襄盛舉讓我們一起建立一個更美好的華人社區. 誠摯地謝謝您!
  • 我們需要下列器材:
    • 無破損的兒童中文書籍
    • 兒童中文CD或兒童中文有聲書
    • 兒童中文錄影帶或VCD
    • A flat screen computer monitor 19" or larger
    • A Computer projector SVGA resolution or better
    • A Projector screen

      Due to space constrain, we do not accept English books, books for adults (except parenting books), and homework practice type of books. We also do not accept toys and craft items unless specified on the website.

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